Gas in the Air

ETHANE, METHANE You should Commit these to memory.

They are the most common reporting format for major incident notification.

Major Incident
Exact Location
Type of Incident (MVC, MCI, HAZMAT)
Hazards Present or Expected
Access Safe Routes, NO GO Routes
Number and Severity of Casualties.
Emergency Services Present and Required

MIST Radio Card in 2 Versions and the METHANE Card (doc formated, so you can add or subtract as required by your SOP)


Podcast Audio for those who would like to stream it


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Paramedic in NSW, University Grad Paramedic, Currently undertaking a year as a trainee, Learning and sharing, Interested in Human Factors and Headlamps. I don't represent any organisations and hold no affiliation with any commercial entity's, don't take entries or posts as clinical advise #FOAMed#FOAM#FOAMems

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