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I want you to phone a friend!

For a profession of carers we absolutely suck at caring for our own!

I say this because I’ve seen it. I’ve seen it happen to often, everyone will ask how you are in the minutes and hours after a big job. Then its mostly left to you to arrange any additional services you might need ( assistance programs, counselling  sessions , if you are lucky enough to have that). I’ve always been a fan of the buddy check, or grass roots peer support. Peer support has been embraced by many services world wide, not only in the Ambulance and medical fields but also in just about everywhere else you can imagine.

What if someone has issues after the fact? What about if I don’t feel okay a month or two later, what if my behavior changes. Would someone out there have the courage to ask me whats going on and be prepared to accept the answer?

The first thing we check in any emergency is danger, we put ourselves before the patient, because everyone goes home. Why don’t be put ourselves first outside of work.

Unfortunately in the last few years we have lost 26 Paramedics in Australia to Suicide (between July 2000 and December 2010).

This is 26 to many, the happiest I could ever be is if I retire many years from now and this number never climbs.

So today, Call a mate reach out. Do and informal debrief (the kind with coffee or beer), develop a community culture in your workplace of caring for ourselves so we can care for others.

I’m back!

After a hiatus due to work, SMACC US and Life, I’ll be back to blogging and podcasting. Over the next few weeks you should see content appearing more regularly. Along with hopefully the development of a project that’s just in the planning stages that I’m sure you will love

Robbie Rants: HEMS Requests

Now back to regular programming!
Peer pressure works!


A short podcast, thanks to the PAIC2015 FOAMed attendees.  I hope you’re happy with what you’ve started!

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